Healthy Eating


People who lack access to healthy food are at greater risk of obesity and obesity-related diseases. Many low-income residents in Victoria County live far from grocery stores or lack adequate transportation; they often rely on convenience stores or fast food restaurants for food. Low-income and minority populations in Victoria County have higher obesity rates, lower rates of fruit and vegetable consumption and higher rates of youth consumption of sweetened beverages.

You can exercise, choose the right food options and follow all your doctor's instructions and still be unhealthy if the environment isn't healthy.

Through the Healthy Communities program you will learn how your health and the environment impact each other and how proper waste management can decrease these impacts. We will show you how the air, water and soil connects to cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke and diabetes. You will learn how to take practical, every day steps to improve your health and the health of your community.

Here are some ways we’re working to improve access to healthy food:

Breastfeeding in the Workplace

Resources for employers who wish to provide a supportive environment for breastfeeding employees, comply with the new Fair Labor Standards Act, and get recognition for having a breastfeeding-friendly workplace.

Community Garden Development

Expanding existing community and development of new community gardens in Victoria County and promoting healthy neighborhood stores program and increasing healthy food options, including fresh produce.


Everyone has a role to play in reducing childhood obesity, including parents, elected officials, schools, health care professionals, faith-based and community-based organizations, and private sector companies. Learn about our community success stories.