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  Jun 16, 2017   admin

Got 10 minutes? Well you have time to get fit. Here’s a 10-minute workout that you can do during lunch, while watching television or during your downtime.

You will need a few things for this workout including ::

  • Proper shoes
  • A chair
  • A mat or blanket

1 minute :: Jumping Jacks

Get more out of your jumping jacks workout by trying several of these jumping jack variations (https://youtu.be/E1MLfbD5i8A) on different days.

1 minute :: Lunges (right and left)

Learn the proper way to do side lunges. (https://youtu.be/gSIAl_U4Ufo)

1 minute :: Squats

Simple, but intense squat workout. (https://youtu.be/afghBre8NlI)

1 minute :: Punches

Short punches exercise demonstration.(https://youtu.be/M_4Vt5lfEUE)

1 minute :: Wall Sit

How to properly wall sit. (https://youtu.be/y-wV4Venusw)

1 minute :: Chair Tricep Dips

How to properly do chair tricep dips. (https://youtu.be/6kALZikXxLc)

1 minute :: Pushups

5 push-up variations for your chest workout. (https://youtu.be/t78SsqMFkrk)

1 minute :: Bicycle Cruches

How to properly do bicycle crunches. (https://youtu.be/Iwyvozckjak)

1 minute :: Plank

1 minute :: Side Planks

Extreme plank work out. (https://youtu.be/VEpVVMIG_Eo)